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Baby Shower Confusion

Posted By CurleyQ on Mar 30, 2010 at 11:07AM

I'm planning on having my baby shower in June in Florida where I grew up. Ive asked my sister who lives there to help host it. Unfortunately things have gone down hill for her in her own life and I dont want to bring the subject up of my baby shower. I dont want to seem selfish about it because she's going through alot right now....and broke.  I still want to have the baby shower there and my Mom and my other sister (who is from out of state but traveling to FL in June for it) will be able to help. Should I hint to my "troubled" sister that I would still like her help in planning or should I just ask my Mom and other sister to plan? And should I have a hand in planning my own baby shower? I'm so torn and confused in whats "allowed".